Tanzania 7 Night 8 Days Safari - Tanzania safari packages from india


Tanzania 7 Night 8 Days Safari - Tanzania safari packages from india


Day 1: Arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport

You would be picked up from the airport. Then you would be proceeding for a night stay at Arusha.


Day 2: Visiting the Tarangire

The first day of the safari would begin at 8 in the morning. You would be picked up from the hotel and you would head towards the Tarangire National Park. The drive would end in 3 hours. The Tarangire is one of the most preferred locations for game viewing in Tanzania. The game drive would continue till late afternoon. There would also be the provision for a picnic lunch in the park. You can see the Tarangire river flowing through the plains. The river is a place to witness diverse animals – hippos, giraffes, elephans, lions, wildebeests and zebras. You would enjoy a comfortable night's sleep at the camp or lodge.


Day 3: Driving to Serengeti

After a healthy breakfast, we would be moving towards Serengeti - one of the largest and probably the most renowned national park in the world. You would even have options to visit a Maasai village or visit the Olduvai Gorge. The drive to Serengeti takes about 4 hours if there is no detour. After reaching Serengeti late at noon, there would be a picnic lunch followed by a game drive. After the short game drive, there would be a good rest at the chosen accommodation and a delicious dinner.


Day 4: Moving to North Serengeti

The Serengeti spans over thousands of square kilometres. After a fulfilling breakfast, we would explore the central part of the Serengeti. Then we would start moving towards the north of the park. Towards the northern side, you would notice that the terrains are hilly and broken and not the usual grasslands. There would be a picnic lunch during the day. You might get to spend a little time by the Mara River. There would be a heavy dinner at night and comfortable accommodation.


Day 5: Another day at North Serengeti

As usual, there would be a breakfast and the day's safari would begin at 8. The migration can be seen from mid-June to September. The Mara river in the region offers one of the most dramatic scenes of the Great Migration - the crossing of the river. You would notice the wildebeest struggling with the flow and falling prey to crocodiles in the river. You might even move towards the Lobo valley.


Day 6: Back to Central Serengeti

After a nice breakfast, we would start heading south. The central portion - the Seronera area has the richest wildlife in the park. The Seronera River is a source of water for the wild animals in the park.


Day 7: Moving to Ngorongoro Crater area

You would have a short game drive at 7 in the morning. After the half-day drive and a picnic lunch, we would branch out and head towards the Ngorongoro Crater rim. The crater is one of the most attractive geological places in Africa, with birds like the black kite and animals like elephants, wildebeests and lions.


Day 8: Back to Arusha

There would be an early start. After a quick breakfast, we would descend on the crater floor at 6:30 in the morning. The drive would be interesting with a lot of animal action. After a nice picnic lunch at the hippo pool, we would start ascending from the crater. We would head back towards Arusha and be dropped off at a preferable location of your choice.

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