6 days kenya classic safari


Day 1: Arrival at Nairobi

We believe in enjoying a safari with your complete self. So when you arrive at Nairobi airport on the first day, you would go directly to your lodging at the hotel and drain your exhaustion. You will enjoy dinner at an Indian restaurant and stay at the hotel overnight.


Day 2: A march to Lake Nakuru Game Reserve

The safari would begin early in the morning after you have breakfast. We will visit Nairobi City and then we will take a drive to Lake Nakuru National Park on the route of Rift Valley escarpment. You will get a lot of time taking photos and enjoy the amazing scenery. You would be baffled with your first confrontation with the raw elements of Mother Nature. You can get your lunch and enjoy the afternoon game drive at Lake Nakuru. You will find the Big Five here and can take pictures as allowed by the guides. You will have an amazing experience spending the night at Lake Nakuru National Park.


Day 3: A journey from Nakuru to Maasai Mara

The early morning is a great time for watching birds and animals. You might spot quite a few animals moving out on the search for food and water before the day breaks. You will find ample time to take pictures of birds and animals. After this session, you will leave for Maasai Mara and arrive there for lunch. You will make the first entry to the Maasai Mara Game Reserve for the afternoon game drive. If you are on time, you might get to enjoy the Great Wildebeest Migration. The second day would end with a delicious dinner back at camp.


Day 4: A ride to the Mara River

The day would be one of the most amazing in the whole safari. You would start on the lookout for wild animals in their territories. After a good breakfast at camp, we would start for the Mara River to watch the hippos and crocodiles waiting for their dinner in the waters. The Great Migration takes place between the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem. The river acts as a barrier to the huge number of wildebeests migrating for greener pastures. The river is an amazing site to watch Nature from its closest. You would see the Kenya-Tanzania border as well. You can have lunch in the park and go for a game drive in search of a few uncommon animals. The night would be filled with entertainment and good food.


Day 5: Another day at the Mara - another memorable adventure

You will go for another safari before your breakfast at dawn to watch the wild animals at their best. The carnivores move out during this time to hunt for prey as the sun is not too unbearable at this time. There would be another game drive in the afternoon. You can enjoy a Masai cultural dance in the evening around the campfire. This night would be your last at the Maasai Mara.


Day 6: Another visit to your wild friends

The final day at the Maasai Mara would involve another early morning game drive. You can shoot pictures watch the wild animals in their native territory. You would leave for Nairobi City and arrive there late in the afternoon. After this, you might take a rest at a hotel or be driven directly to the airport for your flight. This will be an amazing interaction with the wilderness of Kenya.

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